Including a Pole Dancing Performance in Your Stag Weekend

Stag Weekend Pole Dancing

Including a Pole Dancing Performance in Your Stag WeekendStag weekend would not be complete without enjoying a stripper going through her moves in a pole dancing routine. Dancing with a pole has completely transformed the stripper’s art, making it more acrobatic and more explicit, compared to the slow grind of old-fashioned stripteases.

While not all strippers may perform pole dance routines, it has become routine for strip clubs to feature poles on their main stage for their star dancers. Pole dancing has also become a legitimate form of exercise as an increasing number of women are adopting it as part of their fitness regimen, and many hen parties now also include pole dance lessons in the festivities.

Booking a Pole Dancing Performance

The one important thing to consider when booking a pole dancing performer for stag weekends is that there are many varieties of these acts. For example, a pole dancer may perform totally in the nude, topless or wearing a bikini or panties. And pole dancers have different levels of skill; some dancers may simply twirl around the pole or do simple moves such as squats while others could be more acrobatic, doing splits and even dancing on the pole while upside down. So when choosing a pole dancing performance for stag weekends, make sure to watch them first so that you’ll know what you are getting. It’s called research, and someone has to do it!

Also, while pole dancing may seem to be more explicit than a simple stripping routine, it does not mean that the dancer is more likely to let you cross boundaries. Like other types of strippers, a pole dancer also has her own set of rules for stag weekends that you have to abide by. Be sure that you familiarise yourself with these rules before booking the dancer, and let the other members of the stag party know about them prior to the start of the routine to avoid any unpleasantness.

Finally, be aware that not every stripper will also offer lap dances as part of the booking, so if you would like for the guest of honour to enjoy a lap dance, you should ask the pole dancer if she is willing. If not, a good alternative may be for the dancer to perform her routine with the guest of honour on stage, in effect treating him as a prop in her act and doing her moves around him. If you follow these guidelines, then a pole dancing routine is sure to be the highlight of the stag party, not just for the groom but for the guests as well.

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