Tips on Booking a Stripper

Booking A Stripper

Tips on Booking a StripperIt has become a tradition to book a stripper for your stag party. After all, a stag party marks the groom’s last night of freedom before he settles down to married life, so the best man will want to make it as memorable as possible. So why not spice up the stag party with a sexy dance from a hot strip artist? But there are a number of things you should keep in mind before hiring a stripperfor the bachelor party.

The first thing to keep in mind is that a stripper should always be treated with respect. They are first and foremost dancers and entertainers, even if they perform in the nude. Never be rude to them or try to preposition them sexually during their performance in order to avoid problems. The dancer will also have her own rules and limitations, and the members of the party should respect these. It is the duty of the best man to limit alcohol consumption of stag party members before the performance in order to avoid untoward incidents.

Preparing for the Stripper

As part of treating the dancer with respect, the venue should be set up and ready for her performance by the time she arrives. Keep in mind that she may have other bookings for the night and so you should not waste her time by not being prepared for her. There should also be a bathroom or guest room where the stripper can change and get ready for her performance, as well as a wide open area for her to perform in. There should also be a chair for the guest of honor in the middle of the space, as he will be in the midst of the action, so to speak.

The second thing is that, even if you’re paying for the performance, it is still traditional to tip the stripper during the performance by slipping money into her G-string. Every dancer has prepared her own routine, which can get progressively wilder as the night goes on. Each guest should tip the dancer at least €20 during the routine to ensure that they are getting the best from the dancer.

If you follow these guidelines, then the stripper will give the groom to be – and the other guests – a performance they’ll never forget, and the stag party will be the kind of roaring success that you’ll still be talking about for weeks or months afterward.

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